All Home Hunts should be printed DOUBLE SIDED
(because instructions of where to hide the clues are printed on the back of each)

However, if you cannot print a Hunt double sided, the answers to the clues can be found in the top right hand corner on the second page of each Hunt, shown here:

You can use these to help you know where to hide the clues – the answer to one clue is the hiding place of the next. For example, if the answer to clue 4 is “FORKS”, you should hide clue 5 with the forks.

Home Hunts should also be printed IN COLOUR since some clues can only be solved when different colours can be distinguished from each other


1. Cut out all the clues along the dotted lines.

2. The clues are numbered on the back with instructions of where to hide each one (in red).

3. You DO NOT need to use ALL the clues in the Hunt (for example, if you think there is some content your child hasn’t learnt yet or if you would like to shorten a Hunt). To leave clues out simply hide the next clue you would like to include where the original next clue would have gone (for example, if you would like to omit clues 4-7, hide clue 8 where clue 4 would have gone).

4. A Hunt also DOES NOT need to be completed in ONE go/day (You can finish on an earlier clue and save the rest for later). But remember to hide the “HUNT STAR” where the new last clue points to (for example, if you decide to finish with clue 8 rather than clue 13, hide the Hunt Star wherever the answer to clue 8 is)!

5. It’s a nice idea to leave treats with some clues and/or something special in the final hiding place with the Hunt Star.

6. Once the trail has been laid you can give the first clue to the Home Hunter to begin the Hunt!

7. With each Home Hunt there are instructions on the first clue for how to solve the clues: